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Other Varieties of Wine
Beyond red and white lies a wide spectrum of other wines,
like refreshing Rosé and the Japanese rice-wine Sake. There are also wines blended with fruit juice and wines that accommodate specific dietary requirements.
Rose A Portuguese Rosé served with fruit.
Traditionally dry and crisp, Rosés have been made for centuries. White Zinfandel is California’s sweeter version of Rosé, and is made in a soft and light style. Exhibiting flavor profiles reminiscent of the red grapes from which they are made, an elegant and thirst-quenching Rosé can be a terrific accompaniment to dinner. Rosé Champagne is often the perfect accompaniment to a meal; its slightly tannic grip can handle more substantial dishes like lamb, sweet-and-sour entrees, gratins, and red fruits. There are also intriguing alternatives like Rioja Rosé and a light German variation made from the Spätburgunder grape.

Sake is an alcoholic beverage originating in Japan that is brewed from a base of rice. It is divided into two categories: those with added alcohol (Honjozo) and those without (Junmai). Non-modified sake is considered to be superior and is further separated by the quality of the rice. Junmai Daiginjo has the highest ranking, using rice polished to 50% of original size, Junmai Ginjo uses rice polished to 60% of original size and is ranked second, while third is Junmai which uses rice polished to just 65–70% of original size.

Fruit/Beverage Wines
Beverage wines are blended with fruit flavorings and/or sweeteners to create a drink that is lower in alcohol content, often sweeter, and more economically priced. This category includes wine coolers, which usually include carbonated water and added sugars. Fruit wines are made from fruit other than grapes. Examples include cherries and apples.

Kosher Wine
As long as the proper laws are followed, any type of wine, made anywhere in the world, may be certified as kosher. Kosher wines are made around the globe following strict production guidelines set down by the laws of kashrut. This includes restricting the practice of winemaking to Orthodox Jews and prohibiting the use of non-kosher substances during the production process, among others.

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