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Dessert Wines
Dessert wines are the perfect cap to an evening’s end, and fortunately nearly every country has its own version. Fortified wines can also be dry (like dry Vermouth) but it is their sweet expressions that are the most popular.
sherry Italian biscotti with two glasses of Vin Santo.
Eiswein (Icewine)
The grapes used for this German dessert wine are picked after they have frozen on the vine. When they are pressed, the ice separates from the juice, concentrating the sugars and resulting in a very sweet wine. Icewine is also produced in Canada and the U.S.


From the Portuguese island of the same name, Madeira is a fortified wine that can be dry or sweet. It was very popular in colonial America as it was hardy enough to survive (or even improve) during the long, hot sea voyage, and was enjoyed by Benjamin Franklin and many of the Founding Fathers.


A rich fortified wine from Sicily, Marsala was traditionally an aperitif served between the first and second course of a meal, but is now often served alongside strongly flavored cheeses or fruit or as an after-dinner dessert wine.

mos-KAH-to, moose-KAH
This white grape is one of the oldest known varieties. It is used in the production of Italy’s sparkling Asti, as well as in fortified dessert wines in France. It tastes of grapes, musk, perfume, roses, lychee, guava, raisins and mango. Serve chilled and pair with fruit, fruit-based desserts, ice cream, light cakes or cookies.

Ports are divided into two main categories: those bottled young, with a lot of fruit, red color and power (Vintage, Late Bottled Vintage, Ruby and White), and those left in cask to lose their fruitiness and color and acquire delicacy (Colheita, Tawny, and Tawny with Indication of Age). Learn More

The famous French dessert wine made from Botrytis-affected Sémillon grapes that have concentrated sugars. Serve chilled.

Sherry is one of the single best values in the world of wine and can be enjoyed by itself, with a meal, or in your favorite recipe. Learn More

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