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Made from distilled wine or fruit, types of brandies include those aged in wood, those clear and unaged, and pomace brandies. Learn More

Cordials (also known as liqueurs) are sweet beverages made with fruits, plants or nuts. This category covers everything from Jägermeister to Chambord and Grand Marnier. Learn More

Gin is a distilled spirit made from blends of grains such as corn, barley and malt, flavored with the juniper berry. Learn More

Rum is made from sugarcane juice or molasses in many different styles, most notably in several Caribbean Island nations. Learn More

Tequila and Mezcal
Tequila is made only from the Weber’s blue agave in specific regions of Mexico. Mezcal is the spirit with the worm in the bottle. Learn More

One of the most versatile and popular spirits, vodka can be distilled from many different ingredients including grains and potatoes, and mixes well with just about anything. Learn More

From Irish whiskey to Kentucky bourbon, there are as many styles of whiskey as there are regions that produce it. Learn More