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Let us connect you with more information about wine and spirits, and provide a few handy tools to make shopping and planning a bit easier. Our handy guides to stemware and our glossary of common wine terms will have you sounding like an expert in no time.
Recommended Reading
Browse these useful books, recommended by our experts for those who want to learn more about wine and spirits. Learn More

Wondering what exactly someone means when they call a wine “racy” or “tannic”? Our glossary offers quick and easy explanations of commonly used wine and spirit terminology. Learn More

Wine and Spirit Sites
Check out these links to interesting and informative Web sites on a variety of subjects related to wine and spirits, including links to sites geared toward Pennsylvania. Learn More

Our customers often ask us to clarify certain points about wine and spirits. Check out these interesting answers to the most frequently asked questions. Learn More

Glass Guides
Set an elegant table and learn the advantages of using the right stemware with our wine and spirit glass guides. Wine Glass Guide | Spirit Glass Guide

Vintage Chart
This chart provides very general ratings, based on what a region's best winemakers produced in a given year. And remember that in every year, for better or worse, there are wines that are exceptions to the rule. Vintage Chart