Here you’ll find everything you need to plan your next event, whether it is a wine tasting or a cocktail party.
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Food Pairing
Knowing which wine to pair with dinner is an essential part of being a good host. Learn More

Party Planning
Let our Quantity Calculator help you figure out how many bottles to buy, or find inspiration in our list of party themes. Learn More

Serving Guide
Find out whether or not you should chill your wine, learn how to decant, and consult our guide to stemware. Learn More

Evaluating Wine
Learn the Five S’s of Wine Tasting, or download and print wine-tasting mats and evaluation charts for each of your guests. Learn More

Wine Tasting
Detailed instructions for how to host a wine tasting, including a checklist of the supplies you’ll need and ideas for wine-tasting themes. Learn More

Healthy Living
Read about everything from the health benefits of wine to the importance of drinking (and hosting) responsibly. Learn More

Cocktail Recipes
Choose a favorite cocktail to feature at your party. Simply browse our recipe list, then click to shop for the ingredients you’ll need. Learn More

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